What a splendid way to start a blog.

Hello world wide web. For some reason I feel as though Facebook is no longer the place for my frivolous musings. That reason may have had a bit to do with few friends mildly nudging me to make a blog. Or perhaps the fact that my GoogleReader is beaming with buckets of admirable blogs filled with wonderful photography and creative writings and i got bit by a little green bug.

So this is it. My blog. (What a silly word.)

Anyhow, my boyfriend of three years married me on Friday, November fourth 2011. Im sure sooner or later I will prattle on about all that fuss (with gorgeous photos of course!) so no need to dive in just yet. For now I will tell you about my latest adventure. His name is Amos.

Tim (the doting husband) had been begging (funny pun?) for a four legged fur ball since I met him. His parents, weren’t as keen on the idea as I was and five days after our first Valentines day as married folk we visited a lovely rustic home to pick out a pooch. We grazed baby name books, websites and finally skimming the books of the bible titles and he was nameless for only one day before we and settled on Amos Lee James.

Dogs should all have middle names. Agreed?

His quirks include (but are not limited to) woofing (yes woofing. By any other name would not be as cute.) at his own reflection, and flipping over himself (and off the bed…) when especially energetic. He is our baby and is easily forgiven for messes on the white carpet (White carpet? Seriously?). Currently he is resting on the lap of the taller, more handsome, mustached male in my life.



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