Be still my heart.

A few weeks ago a friend baked my family a deep dish chocolate walnut cookie. It wasn’t pippin hot out the oven like I prefer but it was perfectly chewy and my husband (typically not a huge fan of sweets) couldn’t get enough. He asked me that night if I would make one of those, sans nuts.

My husband asks me to bake something? I jump at the challenge!

Chocolate chip cookie pie

Every so often I manage to calm down while cooking and document the whole process with my big fancy Cannon. This is not one of those times. Buut I did manage to add hip vintage affects to my poor quality snapshot to make up for the lameness.

Is it working?

Anyhow, this was beyond delicious, and I mean it! For the first time in our married life we bought ice cream. Vanilla, to be exact, especially for this bad boy (we also bought pralines and cream too. Why not right?). When I said beyond delicious I meant that this was so gooey and sweet, filled with milk chocolate (his idea) instead of semi-sweet, that I couldn’t finish it.

The recipe calls for a crust. Like a real pie you know? Who needs crust? I added about a half cup of flour to maybe make it less gooey. Also I think if the butter wasn’t melted it would of made a beneficial difference.


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