Happy First Birthday Dog

October 20th is Amos’s birthday. I have no children so I have to make due with my puppy :)

A few weekends ago at the craft fair I bought him is “birthday suit”. (ha ha) He looked quite dashing if I do say so. Unfortunately none of his doggy buds could make it to be jealous. And there were no b!tches to drool over him ;)

Note to self: when making doggy cupcakes, resist temptation to taste the batter. Not a good idea. Instead leave the spoon licking to the birthday boy ;)

Recipe for Carrot Peanut Butter Beef Cake with Cinnamon Vanilla icing dog cake: coming soon!

Happy beef day to you…Happy beef day to you…Happy beeeef day dear Amos…..


Fantastic Picnic Bridal Shower!

So my sister from another mister (and misses) Hannah is getting married. Naturally I (Matron of Honor) would (with the help of some bridesmaids) throw the bridal shower of the century.

Well just about.

A few weeks before, all the bridesmaids and I got together to come up with the spectacularies (yes) that were to commence. Hannah had saw somewhere (and by somewhere I mean Pinterest) where a couple had a huge canvas and colorful paint available as their sign in table at their wedding and then they would hang their guests art in the future home.
Her and I have a cooler idea for her wedding sign in table and to me it seems it would be a not so good idea to give opportunity to every guest at a wedding (hello? smelly immature boys who would paint zombie grooms and guns). And its a great idea but needed some direction.

Girls are better at that kind of thing anyhow.

We told them to only paint flowers, gave them size guidelines and let them at it. I thought everyone really enjoyed it and Hannah loved it. (Later I went over the whole thing and kinda “filled it in” with color n what not so it looked more “full”.)

We pinned and wrapped flowers, photos and yarn around this awesome tree and clipped glittered clothespins to one side.
You’ve heard of this one before. Each guest gets a clothespin pinned on them selves and are closely watching and watched to see if they or another says any of the forbidden words and whoever is the catcher takes the catchees clothespins. Person with the most clothespins at the end wins!
I of course was the first to lose and continued to lose my clothes pins all day long :(


You know those games where all the letters are jumbled up and you have to un-jumble them?

This is not one of those games. I literally Googled “list of unusual words” and scrolled through list upon list until I found odd words pertaining to weddings. This took way too much time and trouble for I think the winners (a tie) only having 4 correct words each… But it was fun and you may have half a shot if you’ve ever studied Latin.

Handstuck-straw-name-tag-flags. This was something else I went to too much trouble to put together. (Im really kidding about all the “too much trouble.” It was of course all well worth it.) As you can imagine, this berry punch tasted so much better through a flagged straw.

Unfortunately we didn’t get a picture of the sniffing (officially “Guess Her Herbs”), but hidden in those lovely yard wrapped vases was herbs and spices the guests had to identify with their noses.
You can image the surprise when I revealed to the guests that their seemingly innocent table decor was actually a well concealed game! (mwaha!) The game idea came from the good ol internet and when I read into it I knew would soon be a mad cooking woman and I just couldn’t skip it.
The only trouble was coming up with a way to conceal the spices without blocking the smells. I thought of black plastic baggies or cups with paper towels over them… Which all probably wouldn’t have worked well and would have looked horrid. These yarn wrapped bad boys worked wonderfully and are actually recycled center pieces from our womens retreat. Isn’t it nice when something that took hours to hot glue and wrap in yarn ends up being so fantastically multi-purposed?
So nice.

On a cool side not, those daisies have their stems on them and are stuck right through the table. A cute unplanned shower detail :)

I gotta give a shout out to all the bridesmaids who all pitched in to bring items of grub. Every little speck was devoured and I appreciated every ounce of help. Thank-A-You :)
(Please pay no attention to the football table cloth. No one noticed but you.)

Speaking of which, major kudos to the girls who willingly obliged to me urging with them to wrap yarn around a tree for this beautiful setup. Your sore biceps and I are grateful.


Throwing a bridal shower on a budget? Newspaper bouquets! Pretty self explanatory and the lovely bride to be chooses her favorite bouquet with its “florist” as winner.
She happened to pick the bouquet my mother made. Just sayin :)

Did I mention the lovely prizes also provided by a bridesmaid? (So cute with the plaid!)

Everyone need a little humiliation before they get married. To ensure that they never want to get married again of course ;) What better way to do so than to decorate them with unmentionables? I asked her husband to be about 20 (unknown to her) questions a few days before about him and her and weddings and food and fun and whatever. And for every question she got wrong my lovely assistants would put some panties on her!

I don’t know how anyone could have underwear all over them and still look this beautiful am I right?

Naturally we made her wear them while opening her other gifts and she was a good sport about it because, well, she got to keep every pair! (Id wear panties on my head all day too if that meant I got to keep them!)

She will be set for life!


We gave out baggies of popcorn as favors and let the guest put butter spray and fruity flavors in them to take home. (Secret: it was flavored Jello!)

The tired-flat-haired Matron of honor and satisfied-well-gifted-beautiful Bride to be.

(Photos taken by ME Photography and myself)


I wish I made better tutorials…

Ribbon + Super Glue + Foam Paper + Fancy drink = Sweet fun

Our womens bible study had a fun night with fun drink and coasters. We had soda, juice, tea and water as the base with everything to add from peaches and strawberries to mint and cucumbers. Mine was berry punch and lemonade with peaches, strawberries and a slice of lemon for decoration.