So yesterday I made buns.

Today I ate one.

Oh my. Enough said.


Redeemed potatoes.

I like hash browns, tater tots, and french fries, but I can’t stand mashed potatoes… But ladies, when your doe-eyed husband pleads for smelly mashed potatoes, you better deliver!

I have no certified “potato masher” but I do have a food processor.
A word of advice? Go out and buy a potato masher. It may be a bit more work (seems that way but I’ll never know) but its the correct way to do it and I don’t need to get into why (or show evidence with photos)…

Another word of advice? When experimenting with disliked qualities, add bacon. Easy peasy bacon squeezy.

I used two potatoes, a boat load of salt, some garlic, a handful of chedder and an egg.
Steamed them babies until “fork tender”
Processed it all.
Layered cooked bacon and potato mush into a ramekin with a convenient ziplock.
And cooked em for about a half hour at 350 degrees.

Added parsley flakes for “pizazz”

Husband=full and happy
Wife=daring and pleased

Were you surprised? I mean there was bacon in it after all.


You would not believe the scents wafting through my house. Now I know its not much to waft through but it is heavenly. A mix of Flour garlic and yeast. That may sound gross but you know you shouldn’t believe everything you hear. ;)

I am making brat buns. The recipe called them hot dog buns but I have no hot dogs. Brat buns they are! And its a shame I have already eaten dinner and dessert solo while my husband works late and will have to enjoy these when they are 24 hours old. Shame.

At least my house smells nice.

Dibs on the odd ball.


There is no way a woman would come up with what we had for tonight’s dinner…

Ok ok, so the onion rings were my idea. Which counts as the first time I have ever purposely brought onions into my house, let alone willingly cooked onions, let alone actually liked them! (How many times is it grammatically acceptable to say “let alone”?)

I remember maybe 10 years ago my family was out to eat with my grandparents. Grandpa was trying to get me to eat an onion ring and even tried to bribe me with a dollar to do so. (Now keep in mind the value of a dollar back then.) I still stubbornly refused because onions suck. Now since then I have matured and enjoyably eaten onions prepared all sorts of ways. Sauteed, grilled, stewed, baked (but still Im convinced I will never like them raw). I have ordered and devoured these vegetable Os several times.

So I find this recipe, nab the onion from my moms house (thanks mom!) and slice it up. With tears in my eyes I present to you pipping hot, juicy, crunchy little lovelies.

Onion Rings

I hardly measured one thing from this recipe and they were still delish. Quite fool proof if you ask me.

This is the man food I mentioned. Not the most photogenic little puppies I know. Maybe I need to improve my photographing skills. Maybe I need better lighting in my kitchen. Thats it. Blame the light.

A Costco run left us with two large packs of Bratwurst. No buns though because I can make buns. So I says to the husband ¬†“Whattall it be?” So he says “Wrap them brats in bacon, then cheese then crescents.” “Not bad.”

All his idea except the cheese went on the outside.

This is not something you’d serve at a baby shower but I’ll have to admit it was great.

I cooked the bacon slightly and steamed and browned the brats before slicing and wrapping them then baking at 350 for about 15 min.

Happy Pi day.

Having Pi(e) before dinner would be just horrid and my mother would be oh so disappointed. (Not however denying that I have done just that before…).

Sweet and Sour chicken and dried noodle. Excellent. Lets begin.

Sweet and Sour Chicken

Its all quite easy and I could lick a spoonful of the ketchup, soy, and sugar sauce all day. Please follow this recipe exactly and you will not be disappointed.

Served with 2 minute oriental noodles. Steamed then tossed with soy sauce over the flame.

Chocolate Coconut Pie

How many pie-less March 14ths have I passed in my lifetime? So far all of them I presume…

Heres a little incentive to make this; the crust is made of coconut and butter. Need I say more? Surely, the pie is made of cream and chocolate and thats it.¬†Unless of course you are seeking revenge a la The Help. In that case you’ll need another ingredient ;)

Who could resist?

I believe the only easier way to get a pie equally easy and delicious would to beg a friend to make it. But there is really no need to that because we all are perfectly capable of marching to the store and picking up 4 measly ingredients used in this gem.

Happy Pi day!


Sorry for the poor quality in the photos. All I had was my phone and this was just too delicious for me to wait and get my camera :)