Easter scavenger hunt

Growing up we have celebrated Jesus rising rather than bunnies and chocolate. I remember one hunt I forced my brother to play with me with empty eggs just because I wanted to look for eggs like “normal” kids.
But we always went to church and we called it Easter.

However, this April I find Christians are going just as ballistic as they do when people say “Happy Holidays!” instead of “Merry Christmas!” in december. The “sanctified response” to a pleasant “Happy easter!” is “URGGH RESURRECTION SUNDAY!”
That may or may not be mildly exaggerated.

Call me old fashioned but Happy Easter.

One thing I have seen done since out-growing candy on Easter (not!) is the unimaginative practice of throwing eggs all over the field and little ones merely have to pick them up.
If we are going to encourage gorging on chocolate and sugar we might as well make em work for it am I right?

Behold, the Easter egg scavenger hunt.

It lasted about 25 minutes with kindergartners. That is like a week in kindergarten time.

  • Inside the lady bug tent was plastic balls and eggs mixed together (So sneaky).
  • The balloons were tied to hula hoops hiding eggs.
  • Easter grass and eggs were in the baby pool.
  • Cones and baskets were strewn all around where eggs and silk flowers were placed.

Next year, do this.