Fathers day.

There’s nothing quite like bbq.

(all amounts were added by taste in order of most to least)

tomato paste
brown sugar

Sorry, Im an eye-baller.


Cauliflower love.

Greasest idea since they decided to french the fries.

Crumble up an entire head of cauliflower and toss with olive oil, garlic (fresh/dried/fried/pickled) and dash with a heaping helping of salt.

Roast at 450 for about 40 minutes and toss every 10 minutes or so.
I usually last about 30 minutes and eat the entire portion alone.

This time I managed to whip up a bed of noodles with marinara sauce to hold my white vegetable while waiting.


Redeemed potatoes.

I like hash browns, tater tots, and french fries, but I can’t stand mashed potatoes… But ladies, when your doe-eyed husband pleads for smelly mashed potatoes, you better deliver!

I have no certified “potato masher” but I do have a food processor.
A word of advice? Go out and buy a potato masher. It may be a bit more work (seems that way but I’ll never know) but its the correct way to do it and I don’t need to get into why (or show evidence with photos)…

Another word of advice? When experimenting with disliked qualities, add bacon. Easy peasy bacon squeezy.

I used two potatoes, a boat load of salt, some garlic, a handful of chedder and an egg.
Steamed them babies until “fork tender”
Processed it all.
Layered cooked bacon and potato mush into a ramekin with a convenient ziplock.
And cooked em for about a half hour at 350 degrees.

Added parsley flakes for “pizazz”

Husband=full and happy
Wife=daring and pleased

Were you surprised? I mean there was bacon in it after all.


You would not believe the scents wafting through my house. Now I know its not much to waft through but it is heavenly. A mix of Flour garlic and yeast. That may sound gross but you know you shouldn’t believe everything you hear. ;)

I am making brat buns. The recipe called them hot dog buns but I have no hot dogs. Brat buns they are! And its a shame I have already eaten dinner and dessert solo while my husband works late and will have to enjoy these when they are 24 hours old. Shame.

At least my house smells nice.

Dibs on the odd ball.